Sunday, 22 November 2015

What is a Pager

A pager is a (wireless) telecommunication device that receives and then displays/announces numeric /voice messages. 
Pagers Can be of following types
  • One Way Pagers, 
  • Response  Pagers and 
  • Two Way Pagers

One-way pagers can only receive messages. However Response pagers and two-way pagers can also acknowledge, reply to, and originate messages using an internal transmitter.

Pagers function as part of a "paging system" which includes one or more fixed transmitters or one or more base stations, as well as a number of pagers carried by mobile users. These systems can range from a restaurant system with a single low-power transmitter, to a nationwide system with thousands of high-power base stations. Pagers are also known as beepers.

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