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Finacle Commands for concurrent auditors Page 5: Daily Cash Balance Checking:

With the help of finacle complex banking problems have become much easier but as a concurrent auditor if you don’t know how to use it, its utility is nil to you and it will make your head to ache. In my first experience with finacle during the initial days of conducting Concurrent audit of a bank I also faced the same scenario. I was on the first interaction page wondering what to do with this software, but with the help of my Principal I developed a smooth hand on its use and learnt a lot about it. It is much easier to use than it seems to you when you first visit a bank for audit purposes. Here I’m going to share its use and help those who are at the same stage this time as I was before a couple of months.

Some of the aspects Concurrent Auditors have to take care of:
  • Overdrafts:
  • Cash:
  • Documentation and KYC:
  • Pending Installments of Term loans:
  • Cash Credit accounts operating conditions:
  • Observation on information system(maintenance, operating, internal control etc):
  •  Verification of high value and unusual transactions:
  • Insurance Business:
And more based on the type of bank and type of branch in the bank.

Most Used Finacle Commands which are a must to learn for beginners.
  • Acs – Account selection
  • Acli – Account ledger inquiry
  • Ato – Account turnover
  • FTI -  Financial Transaction inquiry
  • Laopi – Loans and advances outstanding position inquiry
  • Lrp    -   Limit liability report
  • CUMI  -  Customer Master Inquiry
How To Check Overdraft in CC, CD and SOD Accounts
How to Check Pending Renewals
How to check if a CC account has been renewed or not
How to check Default of Installments and Interest Excluding NPA (laopi)

Daily Cash Balance Checking
Concurrent auditors need to check cash balance on daily basis, the purpose simply is to check whether branch is maintaining its cash balance within its maximum retention limit.
                Now if you want to check Cash Balance of a particular day, there are two options at your disposal.
                You can directly ask the cashier for Cash Memo” and check the balance manually.
                Or” You can follow these steps to check cash balance on your own from Bank’s Finacle Software.
Step 1. First step is to know the branch’s maximum retention limit, ask your principal about the maximum retention limit of cash or consult Branch Head for the same.
Step 2. On the first interaction page of Finacle enter acli in the menu options’ option box and press ENTER
Step 3. Selection Criteria menu will open up, keeping the A/C No. active press F2
Step 4.  Account List will open up with first option as Short Name enter Cash and Press F4.
                Here you will get the list of accounts With Name as CASH, you have to select the account with CCY as INR and press Shift+F4 on it
Step 5.  It will redirect you to Account Ledger Inquiry acli with CASH A/C No. filled in it. (Recommended:- Note  down the a/c No. to lower down you burden next time)
Step 6. Now Set the Start date, to the date from which you wish to check Cash (Retention) balance and Set the End date, to the date upto which you wish to check Cash balance and press F4.
Step 7. Here you get all what you need, GoTo last transaction (Press Ctrl+D to go down wards) of a particular day and the balance corresponding to that particular day is cash balance of that day. “Now Enjoy reporting those days on which the cash balance is above the retention limit”.

Provide your Feedback/Comments to make this Guide Useful to each and every concurrent auditor.

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