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In this article I’m going to help you guys with some basic Keyboard Shortcuts (Shortcut Keys in Windows). Using mouse to do all your stuff is outdated now and it is time consuming, ”especially for you guys reading this article, time is money”.  So to use computer to your best advantage and show some skills around use following “Shortcut keys”

Windows Flag Key
Windows Key(Also Known as Logo key, FlagKey, Super Key) Based Shortcuts:
  • Windows Logo (OR Ctrl+Esc in keyboards that don’t have Flag key) : Shortcut key for  “Start menu
  • Windows + e :- Shortcut key for “My Computer
  • Windows + L :- Shortcut key for “LOCK USER”
  • Windows + R  :- Shortcut key for “RUN PROGRAM
  • Windows + U  :- Shortcut key for “EASE OF ACCESS CENTER
  • Windows + F (OR F3)  :- Shortcut key for “SEARCH
  • Windows + Ctrl key + F :- Shortcut key for “FIND COMPUTER
  • Windows + D  :- Shortcut key for “SHOW DESKTOP
  • Windows + B  :- Shortcut key for “HIDDEN ICONS
  • Windows + X  :- Shortcut key for “MOBILITY CENTER
  • Windows + F1  :- Shortcut key for “HELP CENTER
  • Windows + PAUSE BREAK  :- Shortcut key for “SYSTEM INFORMATION
  • Windows + M  :- Shortcut key to “MINIMIZE ALL
  • Windows +SHIFT KEY + M  :- Shortcut key to “ UNDO MINIMIZE ALL
  • Windows + P  :- Shortcut key for “PRINT MANAGER
  • Windows Logo+ TAB: -  Shortcut key for “Cycle through taskbar buttons
  • Windows + T :- Shortcut key for “Iterate through items in the taskbar” (use shift key to iterate backwards)
  • Windows + + (or -) :- Shortcut key for “Zoom In (Zoom Out)
  • Windows + Esc :- Shortcut key for “Exit Zoom)
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  1. Windows + P is the shortcut for connecting to a projector/monitor.

  2. you forgot alt+f4 to get higher fps in games

  3. really very helpful.... thankz

    1. thanks, it is my pleasure that my work was helpful to you


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