Friday, 19 December 2014


Once, their lived a wise old merchant in a village, he had only one son. One day he felt very ill, he was a few minutes away from his death he called his son and pushed his head close to his sons face, he said " I want to give you five advices, heed to these when I am gone" The old man then said, "Always make your journey from your home to shop in shade, not in sun ; Eat not much of anything but pullaw ; If you feel like drinking wine , go to vat and drink it ; If you ever wish to gamble then gamble with those who are most experienced ;And take a fresh wife every week. He promised his father he will follow all advices and his father died. This young man following the death of his father traded on a path that proved him to an obedient son but a stupid fellow. Here is what happened afterwards.

                        He summoned masons and carpenters and got a covered path made from his shop to home. He would use this covered path for his business affairs. He eate different types of pullaws everyday. WHEN he had a wish to gamble he sat with most experienced gamblers and always lost his money. He went to wine vat every evening with a determination to drink but the obnoxious smell emanating from the container made him sick. He always changed his wife on seventh day of week and had a new one.

                        One day a clever women heard about this merchant she went to him on seventh day of week and the merchant married with her and lived with him happily but on seventh day the merchant told her to prepare fish pullaw the women made a verity and great range of pullaws when the merchant came home he had definitely no excuse to blame her wife and to through her out of his house and life. The next morning wife was told by her husband that they must go to her parents the women understood that he is going to leave her then she thought this is the best opportunity and she told her husband we will lunch at her parent’s home, he agreed on this . The wife informed her parents not to cook anything and when the couple reached there, the merchant was very hungry he told his wife to bring something to eat she told that her father has been shifted to hospital right now because of some diseases and there is nothing to eat except some chapattis  he told her to bring anything she quickly went to kitchen and brought chapattis for her husband he ate all of them and told that the taste of these is better than pullaw, the wife was waiting for this moment and she asked her husband why then you always eat pullaw .The husband told her about his father’s last wishes.

                                    The wife smiled and said "oh my dear husband you have taken it all wrong. When your father told you to travel by shade, he meant that you leave home early and return late when there would be no sun. This is mark of hard work. When he asked to you to take new wife every week he meant that you should be so engrossed in your business that every week when you see her after a long time you should feel like it’s a fresh one. The advice about playing with experienced gamblers was to deter you from gambling for the condition of old gamblers which is nothing but pitiable. The vat smell would turn off anyone off and therefore your father never wished you to drink in first place and the advice about pullaw actually meant that you must eat well but little not give in to the temptations.

                        The husband realized his mistakes and lived with his wife happily forever and also followed his father’s advice.       

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