Monday, 8 December 2014


                                                "Strangers are meant to cross our path
                                                But some are really meant to stay in our heart
                                                Have we made promises and trust
                                                Dawn to dusk, from dust to lust
                                                Tired we are from  the bonds of friendship
                                                Lied we never as we are in kinship
                                                The power we share makes us mad
                                                Behind the smile we are sad
                                                Keeping our hands together
                                                Crushing every rebellion
                                                Promised to protect each other
                                                And bounded hearts in every pavilion
                                                We are friends , brothers and a single soul
                                                You can't disintegrate as we are ready to die
                                                We have dedicated our life to amity
                               You can't break us because our friendship is stronger than the bark of a tree"

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