Thursday, 18 December 2014

Hardwork has No Alternative

Once upon a time their lived a poor farmer in a village he was very poor his wife always complains him that he is not able to fulfill her needs one day he sold the small piece of land he had and went to nearby village to search for some job after roaming here and their he met a person who seemed to be very kind and helpful the poor man told him the story of his poverty and that man gave him a hen and told him that this is a magical hen and it lays one golden egg everyday this will help you to deal with your daily affairs the poor was over joyed and he thanked the man and returned to his village his life was passing with great comfort but one day he thought that he should kill the hen and should take out all golden eggs from his stomach at once and i will sell them and will become a rich man he did the thing and found only one golden egg in her stomach he realized his mistake and he cried a lot on his foolish act and he realized that his greed and his laziness has sink his boat at that time he promised to himself that from now he will work hard day and night he took some land on rent worked very hard and after few months the result of his hard work was that he was now counted among one of the richest farmers of the region.

MORAL:Working hard is the only key of success

By: Zaid Shah


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