Friday, 3 October 2014

10 reasons to pick Windows tablets over laptops

Windows Laptop

Having a tough time choosing between a
laptop and a tablet as your next device?
Here are are 10 reasons to pick a tablet over
a laptop.

1. The biggest advantage is portability — some
tablets can fit inside a jacket pocket but still
offer the same functionality.
2. Windows features remain the same you can
install most of the usual (legacy) Windows
programmes like you normally do.
3.With a tablet, it's easy to switch between
work (larger screen & external keyboard)
and one-handed use (media consumption).
4. The tablet can be used in any orientation —
thanks to the accelerometer, the screen will
automatically orient itself.
5. With HDMI, you can connect a larger display
if you feel that the smaller screen is too
limiting (useful for video).
6. It will be compatible with usual accessories
like flash drives and all manner of
keyboards and mice.
7. Most tablets include a full suite of wireless
connectivity: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi & some even
have 3G support.
8. Most tablets come with dual cameras — a
front camera for video conferencing and a
rear camera for photos and video.
9. Some tablets use microUSB charging —
eliminates hassle of extra chargers and you
can use power banks as a backup.
10. Many tablets nowadays come with a year of
1TB cloud storage and a one-year
subscription to Office 365.

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